Actually, it's not our bathroom...... it's next to our pond and it houses pumps for our fire protection system.

Things folks have said about us.....

Over the years, folks have made many heartwarming comments about our place. Admittedly these are anecdotal. They're from our daily logs and our memories, but we wanted to share some of them with you.

  • “I recommend this facility to my friends. It's that good. And I never recommend anything!”
  • “This is the only place I know of where I feel safe in storing my mom's old furniture and artwork.”
  • One distinguished older couple who stored things with us for a while, told us that they had stored things from New York to California, and that they had never seen a place as inviting and well-run as this place. They kept telling us that we should start a chain of “bruce's out'a sight self storage's”.
  • “Storing my things here is like storing them at home. Being here is that pleasant.”
  • Several years ago a tenant told us “This place is like a home away from home for my things. It's so much nicer to put my things onto carpeting.”
  • A tenant stopped in to purchase some bubble wrap. He said that “the Barn” is the cleanest place he had ever seen. He then said, "When I see a scrap lying on the carpet, even I pick it up."